Our Story...

In 2006, we were asked to photograph our first wedding for a close friend at Oceanstone Seaside Resort, and it was a fantastic experience.  It wasn't just that we were with many friends, but we quickly realized that there was a magic in capturing the beauty and emotion of a wedding day. Since then, we have photographed over 120 weddings together across Nova Scotia, in Ontario, and Mexico.

Being a wedding photographer is such a privilege. We get to spend time with the bride and groom, their family and friends, on such an important day, we get to know them and share in their joy.  More than once we have both been teary after a heartfelt speech that really showed the couple how much people care for them.

One of the modern masters of wedding photography, Ryan Brenizer, made a simple and meaningful reflection about wedding photography. "It means something". So many endeavours and occupations in life keep us busy, but with wedding photography, we have the special opportunity and responsibility to record the family history our clients are writing.  We see this every wedding, and it motivates us to continue.

We are honoured to gain the trust of our clients.  We work hard for our clients, and strive to create beautiful images that will be seen in the pages of your family albums for generations. Our style bridges the divide between photojournalism and classic wedding portraiture, photos for your home and photos for the mantle in your parent's home.

Every time we are at a wedding, it is such a joy spend our time together and capture the moments and memories that you will treasure.  Guests have often commented to us about how well we work together.  We have recently been referred to as "wedding ninjas", always where we need to be without interfering or imposing. We look forward to being part of your wedding.

We live in Halifax, NS., and enjoy all that life has to offer with our daughter and our Brittany

Dana and Nicola