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Ainsley + Dave: A destination beach wedding in Cancun, Mexico by Destination Wedding photographer,

We were thrilled to have been able to go to the Riu Caribe Resort in Cancun, Mexico to photograph our first Caribbean destination wedding. It’s true that it’s not uncommon for even local weddings to feel like ‘destination weddings’, but they rarely come with the prospect of being able to swim in warm crystal blue waters. And Ainsley and Dave’s wedding was no small affair. Seventy plus guests were making the trip to Cancun to celebrate with them. And celebrate they did 🙂

Perhaps it was all of the nights out, the water, heat, or the sketchy late night snacks at the sports bar, but things did not go quite as planned for Ainsley and Dave. On the day of the wedding, with scorching heat and humidity, Ainsley was not feeling herself.  And through what can only be described as shear determination, she made it successfully through the ceremony without fainting! But from that point on, what she needed was stomach calming drugs (lots of them), sleep, and an IV if we could get her one.

Four hours later, she emerged from slumber and somehow managed to look absolutely stunning (you’ll see what we mean below), and she joined all of their friends and family for their outdoor dinner and reception in the warm breeze.  It was a welcome getaway from our harsh Canadian winter.  Thank you Ainsley and Dave for having us there with you.

Nicola and Dana

Photos by Destination wedding photographer, Photography by Dana and Nicola Sweeney, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our first clue that all was not right.

I loved how happy Ainsley’s sister was for her.

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed bridesmaids and the bride getting dressed as fast as these girls. Time was tight!

Just where you would expect to see the guys.

Their beach wedding! There are soooo many handmade touches, brought to Cancun in 6 luggage bags 🙂


And Kendra looks happy, but if you’ve ever wondered what a $300 phone call looks like, here it is 🙂 All in an attempt to help out her bestie on her wedding day.

But here she is, still smiling.

And after a little beauty rest…


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