Em and Jason | Halifax Wedding Photographers

When your family owns an amazing property on the shores of St. Margaret’s Bay, the decision about where to have your wedding is easily made, even if you have to move home from Ontario to do it.  We had a spectacular day with Em, Jason, and their family and friends.  Light winds and beaming sun set the stage for and amazing day on the sea side.  With plenty of family history on the property and sentimentality in the details,  everyone was relaxed and enjoying the weather, food and company.  And don’t forget the spectacular sunset.  It was an enjoyable day for everyone including us, and the night was capped off with a really fun backyard dance under the lights.

So fun to photograph.  Days like this really make you reconsider whether you want to continue being a wedding photographer!! (Sarcasm)

Thank you Em and Jason.  Congratulations