Megan and Christian | Married in Jamaica

As another beautiful Nova Scotia summer drifts into memory, looking back just a little further takes us to Jamaica.  We had the amazing opportunity to join Megan and Christian at the Bahia Principe in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  The white sands, palm trees, warm waters, and glowing sunsets of Jamaica brought to life this couple’s destination wedding dream.  It was a privilege for us to spend a week with Meg and Christian, their family, and friends.

The wedding was mid-week of this vacation, which gave everyone plenty of time around the resort to learn their way around, figure out which bar was best, the best pool, and how long it took to burn the skin in the intense sun.  Christian and the guys decided that the place to have the pre-wedding breakfast was the seaside buffet, while Megan and the girls opted for greater selection in the main buffet.

After breakfast, these two each spent the next few hours predictably; Megan went to the air conditioned salon, Christian and the guys went to the beach, drank some beer, and took a chance on some seafood from a floating shellfish bar.  Luckily, none of the guys got sick from this risky pre-wedding culinary experimentation, and eventually they were both ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony was beautiful with some dramatic clouds, a welcome breeze and certainly a lot of smiles and tears as these two said their vows. To end the day, we were treated to another spectacular Jamaica sunset for a photo background that this couple was really hoping for on their wedding day.  As the evening went on, everyone gathered for drinks around the beachside bonfire, but unlike a summer evening in Nova Scotia where you still need to be close to the heat, in Jamaica, everyone sits in a 50 foot circle around the fire because its just too hot!  After a few chugs of rum cream, Meg and Christian were serenaded by a local talent.  Such a great time.

Thank you Megan and Christian for having us with you in Jamaica, Congratulations



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