New Year’s Eve Wedding at Pier 21

Jenna + Peter’s New Year’s Eve Wedding

This year we had the honour of ringing in the New Year with Jenna and Peter at Pier 21. Peter’s family has had a lot of involvement in the train industry (in fact his father was involved with the placement of the train caboose in front of Pier 21) and so they choose locations that allowed that history to be shared with the rest of their family and friends.  The Westin Nova Scotia was a fantastic location for the bridal party to get ready at, and we lucked out on the opportunity to photograph at the Old Triangle, the train station,  and Halifax Seaport Market. Haha, despite how ‘warm’ some of the photos appear, most members of the bridal party couldn’t feel their extremities by the end of the photos. However, they are an awesome group of people and we really were thrilled to spend the day with all of them. Here’s to great things to come in 2014! Photos of Jenna and Peter’s New Year’s Eve Wedding at Pier 21 by Halifax Wedding Photographer, Photography by Dana and Nicola Sweeney.