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A Story of Two Grooms – The Scientist and the Artist Halifax Wedding Photographer

We promised more great moments from Shane and Enrique’s wedding and here they are! Given that Enrique is an artist (you can see some of his work at and a previous employee of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia it was only fitting that they celebrate their union with an intimate dinner with family at Untitled Eats. We even had a rare opportunity to photograph in the gallery – which is was amazing! We then took a sunset cruise across the harbour via the Ferry for a beautiful ceremony in the Alderney Landing Rotunda, during which the talents of Shauntay Grant had more than one in tears. The Silvo Pupo quartet played throughout the cocktail hour and we were all impressed by the mirror ball cake designed by Shane and Enrique, and created by The Femme Fondants. Still photos do not do this cake justice, as the mirror ball rotated on a platform (made by Joshua Collins), and even more impressive, was that the icing was truly reflective. Shane summed it up when he said ‘well I am an engineer, so there had to be something mechanical involved’. Phil Reid as Oscar Wilde’s Lady Bracknell (make-up by Miro Davis) was the guest MC and Atlantic Audio Pro had the dance going strong all night with awesome music and a wicked light and smoke show. Shane and Enrique also designed a special photobooth backdrop based on the 70’s comedy sketch show ‘Laugh In’. We’ll post a slideshow of those soon 🙂 Congrats Shane and Enrique, we had a great time with you at your wedding! Halifax Wedding Photographer Dana and Nicola Sweeney


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  • kent senecalMarch 15, 2013 - 11:58 pm

    wow, this made friday night at home alone worth it!
    u guys r both beautiful,
    je vous souhait une vie remplie de joie et d’amour.